Instructor Bios

Mr. Sascha Williams,

Mr. Williams holds a 9th-degree black belt in Ed Parker's Kempo Karate.

He has owned and operated several Kempo Karate schools since 1984, not only in the Fresno area but the Bay area as well. Mr. Williams is one of the top authorities on American Kempo, having been a regional director for the International Kenpo Karate Association (under the Parker family) until the late 90s. In that capacity, he taught extensively in Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Jersey, Great Britain, as well as in the US (West Coast to East Coast.) A three-time hall of famer, and internationally sought instructor, Williams has made the Fresno area his home in the late 80s.

Mr. Williams is the author of several books, including one on child development in the martial arts. When observing Mr. Williams in action, it quickly becomes apparent that he is very knowledgeable in the field of child development. Classes for children are not only fun and upbeat, but there is instruction on proper self-talk, lessons in goal setting, and a constant atmosphere of encouraging every participant to work on becoming a better student. “If we want to improve a person's self-confidence and self-esteem, we can get there by helping the student to set and achieve goals. That means all the aspects of goal setting, from understanding the difference between your long-term goal, as well as your short-term goal. Also knowing how to establish a realistic plan, and a way to measure your progress. When done properly, this motivates the student.”

He has taught and counseled thousands of families over the last three decades, and continues to share his knowledge, experience, and expertise.

This program is not just about martial arts.

It's about better goal setting, better grades, better self image, and improved confidence.

Students gain tremendous coordination, and athletic skills, but at the same time learn to benefit from improved self talk. Whether you want your child to improve grades at school, or learn to be more respectful, each families’ experience with us is unique, as there are many aspects to human, and child development.

At Fresno Kempo Karate, we have helped over 800 families during the last 15 years.

At FKK, no child ever gets behind. No child gets left out, and no student ever gets “stuck on the bench”. The key to doing this lies in “Individual Tracking” of each student. For example, a student with coordination difficulties gets taught very differently than a student with focus issues.

Typical issues which get addressed at FKK are:

  • Lack of confidence

  • Low or no self control

  • Poor focus

  • Defiance

  • Lack of physical control or coordination

  • Impatience

  • Shyness

  • Low self esteem

  • Academic difficulties

At FKK we help the student improve their self image by changing their belief system. This is accomplished not only by helping the student acquire important skills, but also by changing the student's self talk. “I can't do it.”, gets replaced with “I need help with this.” “I can't control myself.” gets replaced with “Every day I get better with my self control.” By adjusting to each student's challenge, we communicate the true benefit of martial arts training, which is always personal development.

Poor Focus

  • Students with focus and concentration issues are common. In class, the student works through positive drills in order to gain greater and greater self control. In Kempo Karate, students don't get bad grades because their focus is weak. They get the help they need together with the encouragement which helps them overcome their obstacles.

Low Self Esteem

  • Without accomplishment, we cannot raise self esteem. Students learn to repeatedly reflect on their small daily accomplishments, in order to foster an attitude of positive self awareness. Students who at first were uncomfortable with admitting their mistakes, gain the courage to ask for help and to identify their strengths and their weaknesses. The student learns that having weaknesses is normal, just like having certain talents. This motivates a person who is unsure of him/herself. The student gains the confidence that he/she will get more and more results.

Academic Challenges

  • At Fresno Kempo Karate, we address many school issues in order to help the parent and child. If your child has difficulty with getting good grades, or completing his/her homework, we are able to counsel you on the specific academic issues that need to be handled. Identifying the specific academic problem is our strength. Whether the issue is comprehension, memorization, vocabulary, visualization, etc., we retain several academic professionals in our black belt Instructors’ staff.

Mrs. Renee Williams,

Mrs. Williams is a 6th-degree black belt and founder of Fresno Kempo Karate. She has been teaching professionally for over 20 years.

Mrs. Williams has an impressive competition record in Point fighting, Forms, and Self Defense divisions.

As a mother of three Kempo black belts, Mrs. Williams is a leading example of how to help your children to take on leadership roles and succeed in life. All three of her children are now adult business owners and advanced black belts. Even after a about with breast cancer in 2013, and a subsequent chiropractor accident (which left her right arm nonfunctioning since 2015) has not prevented her from continuing her work of helping her community by continuing to be an inspiration to all who surround her.

It is difficult for any student to make an excuse for missing class, when they see Mrs. Williams continuing to participate in her classes, using only one arm.

Mrs. Williams cares deeply for all of our students, just as she did for her own children.

Randy Perez,

As the youngest son of the Williams’ family,

Randy has been training in Kempo for over 15 years, following a stringent schedule of 6 days a week Kempo training and teaching (5 to 6 hours daily). Randy Perez is one of the very few black belt instructors who has learned the entire Kempo system, including not only the physical motion but the underlying theories as well.

Randy’s ability to operate a service-oriented school cannot be overstated. Our schools don't just teach the physical aspect of self-defense, but more importantly, stress good study habits, and the correct mindset. Mr. Perez's ability to counsel families and help students overcome obstacles is unparalleled. Five minutes of interaction with Randy will convince anyone who listens that Randy creates leaders.

He has an extensive background in NLP, as well as general child development. From children as young as three years old to adults, it's easy to observe that this young man has chosen the right career for himself, creating new generations of black belt instructors who are highly ethical, highly able, and properly motivated.

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